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Specializing in (but not limited to) rustic custom carpentry


My interest in carpentry started many years ago as a young father who wanted to build fun things for my kids. Over the years, and with good teachers, I have developed considerable skills. After developing my capabilities for years as a hobby, I chose to offer my services professionally.

Not only is my work quality, but I take great care in the efficient use of materials. especially in this day and age where lumber prices are astronomical. I consider myself the original conservative carpenter. Waste not….

Laundry room table/organizer

As a customer, I know how frustrating it is when a contractor takes a deposit and then reveals him/herself to be closely related to Bigfoot, the sighting of who elicits great jubilation but is gone before you can snap a picture of the elusive beast. I tackle my jobs one at a time- start to finish.

Reclaimed wood coat hanger

From basic house trim to pre-hung doors to custom front entry doors to fairy tale playhouses, I can help.

Built-in mega wardrobe

CALL or Text(preferred) Max at 801-836-5522

Reclaimed wood cabinet doors
Accent fireplace wall and floating mantle
Rough Sawn pine doors
Built-in bookshelves
Accent wall (commercial project)
Pantry shelves

Call or text Max at 801-836-5522

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